The Penguin Tango

By: Stephen Svoboda

Broadway World Review: 

Wisely, Svoboda takes the quirkiest of all possible approaches and does not focus his story on the zoo managers and their decisions, or indeed on any human. Instead, we see the penguins themselves struggling with the bizarre behaviors of their owners and trying to follow their hearts against increasing odds. Microchips are implanted in brains, sexy Swedish homewreckers are introduced, love letters are read by the wrong penguins, and it's all delightfully silly and funny.

Backstage Magazine Review: 

The Penguin Tango is that rare species: a genuine farce. As in traditional farce, sex stars. Unlike traditional farce, it isn't sex driving the action so much as sex orientation. In its own way, the play is both a political satire and a parachute ride into an anthropomorphic amusement park.

1850 Productions was created in 2019 from the Heidelberg University School of Music and Theatre. The company's focus is on bringing new works of theatre to both local and international audiences. 1850 Productions is putting on "The Penguin Tango" by Stephen Svoboda at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Festival as the company's first production. 

In this side-splitting, screwball comedy, inspired by actual events at the Bremerhaven, Brooklyn, and Central Park Zoos, a community of penguins is hilariously turned upside down by sex, stereotypes and soggy sardines. Broadway World called The Penguin Tango 'sweet, charming, winsome and utterly enjoyable'. 

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